2019-2020 Season Auditions

Audition Dates

Tuesday, August 6 (6:30-10pm)

Wednesday, August 7 (6:30-10pm)

Audition location: TBA

Audition Requirements

• Prepare a musical theatre song for the audition

• Bring your own recorded accompaniment (playback available through headphone jack)

• One comic or children’s theatre monologue

• If you play an instrument please prepare a piece to demonstrate it.

• If just interested inThe Other Josh Cohen please prepare two contrasting songs. 

• Please email your resume and headshot when booking audition

Actors must be over 18.

General Information

Note: equity/non equity artists welcome

Our Crayon Shows are Non-Equity Productions. Payment will be on a per show basis with an honorarium (equaling no less than minimum wage/hr) for the rehearsal period.  Crayon Series rehearsals will be part time and flexible starting approx. 8-10 weeks prior to opening of each project and will take place at a TBD location. Rehearsals will take place mostly in the evenings and on weekends.  The schedule will be created around artists’ individual schedules

We are seeing Equity/non equity artists for our Mosaic show The Other Josh Cohen- The Canadian Premiere of the Off Broadway Musical. We will be contracting under an Indie Contract. The contract period for this show will be as follows:

Rehearsals February 24-March 16, 2020

Previews:  March 17 and 18, 2020

Opens: March 19, 2020

Closing: April 4, 2020 

Show Information

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

The Other Josh Cohen- Canadian Premiere

The Other Josh Cohen- Canadian Premiere


Everlee is NOT impressed when her family decides to take a tropical family vacation for Christmas instead of staying home.  How are they supposed to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year without snow, a Christmas tree or turkey for dinner!  When her parents tell her she can ask for anything she wants for Christmas since they won’t be at home, she decides to ask for a hippopotamus.  A festive tale about looking for that perfect elusive Christmas gift, this family-friendly musical adventure will remind all of us that Christmas can take place anywhere as long as it’s with family and friends.


Everlee (plays age 10-12) The older sister in the family.  She has strong beliefs about Christmas being only one thing - snow, turkey, Christmas trees and presents!  Full of energy and very opinionated.

Addi (plays age 8-10) The younger sister in the family.  She wants to be just like her big sister but is trying to figure out things for herself too. 

Dad (20's to 30’s) Your stereotypical dad: sandals with socks, cheesy jokes and true desire to make everything right for his family

Mom (20’s to 30’s) A mom who wants to make sure that everything is perfect all of the time.  Sometimes this leads to anxiety and frustration.  She loves to travel but has never travelled this far with her girls before.

Note all performers have to be comfortable singing and being able to move (dance).





Show Schedule:

Mon. Nov 18 evening tech rehearsal

Sat. Nov 23 – 12:15 pm  

Sat. Nov 30 – 10:15 am  

Sat. Nov 30 – 2:15 pm

Sat. Dec 7 – 10:15 am  

Sat. Dec 7– 2:15 pm

Sat. Dec 14 – 10:15 am

Sat. Dec 14 – 2:15 pm

Mon. Dec 16- 7:15pm

Fri. Dec 20 - 12:15pm

Sat. Dec 21 – 10:15am

Sat. Dec 21 – 2:15pm

Mon. Dec 23 – 10:15am

Mon. Dec 23 – 7:15pm

Tues. Dec 24 - 10:15am

Tues. Dec 24 - 2:15pm

The Other Josh Cohen- Canadian Premiere

The Other Josh Cohen- Canadian Premiere

The Other Josh Cohen- Canadian Premiere


The Other Josh Cohen: The Canadian Premiere of the Off Broadway Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by David Rossmer and Steve Rosen

Directed by Chris Stockton

March 18-April 4, 2019, Studio Theatre at Vertigo Theatre

From the moment you walk into the theatre, you’re immersed in the quirky world of Josh’s New York City apartment… as it is getting robbed. Thus begins this hilarious rock-and-roll romantic comedy about good guy Josh caught in a lifelong battle with bad luck. But just when all hope seems lost, a mysterious letter arrives that changes his life forever. A cast of mind-blowing actor-musicians leap in and out of the story playing almost as many parts as they do instruments. This funny, touching, hummable new musical comes to Calgary for the first time! Hailed by Jesse Green of The New York Timesas “the spontaneously charming musical that is just right for right now.” The Other Josh Cohen is a 90-minute life-changing laughfest for the whole family that will leave you feeling better about the world.


Narrator Josh: (Mid 30’s to 40’s) Male, Tenor/Baritone Confident, thin to medium build, good-looking and hopeful. At minimum able to play the guitar, additional instruments would be welcome. 

Josh Cohen: (Mid 30’s to 40’s) Male, Tenor/Baritone Unconfident, overweight, pessimistic with a terrible moustache.  Ability to play instruments an asset but not required.  

Ensemble 1-5 - (VARIABLE 18-70 years old) Not gender dependent, Rock and Roll voices, play all of the additional characters in the life of Josh Cohen.  All accompaniment will be played by performers in the show. 

Fluency on multiple musical instruments is mandatory. (guitar, piano, bass, drums, - instruments such as accordion, ukulele, keytar, trumpet, saxophone would be assets but not mandatory


PREVIEWS:  MARCH 17 AND 18, 2020

OPENS: MARCH 19, 2020


Tortoise and Hare in The Great Race

The Other Josh Cohen- Canadian Premiere

Tortoise and Hare in The Great Race


Tortoise and Hare in The Great Race

Written by Chris Stockton

Directed by Scott Tod Directing Intern

In co-production with Stage West for Kids

Tortoise and Hare have lived near each other their entire lives but they have not always been friends.  When Hare makes a mean comment about how fast Tortoise can move, Tortoise gets fed up and challenges Hare to a race around the world.  With the help of their friend Fil the fly, the two set out on a great race around the world, complete with all sorts of detours and roadblocks along the way.  This original take on the classic Aesop Fable, this musical adventure is for the whole family!


Tortoise - a tortoise.  Normally shy but more and more learning that they need to stand up for themselves. Determined but nervous and sometimes too hesitant.

Hare - a hare.  Very outgoing and often doesn’t think before they speak.  Overly confident to the point where it can get them in trouble.

Fil the Fly - a fly.  The race organizer.  Very trustworthy and organized.  A friend to both Tortoise and Hare.



OPENS:  MAY 9, 2020

CLOSES: JUNE 13, 2020

Show Schedule:

Mon.May 4- evening tech rehearsal

Sat. May 9- 12:15pm

Sat. May 16- 12:15pm

Sat. May 23- 12:15pm

Sat. May 30- 12:15pm

Sat. June 6- 12:15pm

Sat. June 13- 12:15pm


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