Scott Tod Emerging Director

The Scott Tod Emerging Director Program strives to nurture the skills of theatre directors early in their career.

Scott Tod was born in Glasglow Scotland on July 19, 1920.  He attended Allan Glen's School, graduating in 1937, and completed at BA in Engineering at The University of Glasgow.  It was during this time that Scott Tod fell in love with theatre and the Little Theatre movement.

In 1952, this World War II veteran moved to Kuala Lumpar followed by Delhi, India in 1955.  At both stops he continued to be involved with theatre and directing.  In 1956, he and wife Margaret moved south to Bangalore.  Four years later, the couple, along with six other couples, formed "The Bangalore Little Theatre" which is still in existence.

In 1964 upon returning to London, the Tods formed the theatrical group "The Elands".  With a renaming in the mid-1970s to "The Pieces Players",  the group continues to entertain audiences in London to this day

Finally, Tod made his final move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1989 where he attended Centennial Church and continued to write and direct.

In memory of Scott Tod and his contributions to small theatres all over the world, Birnton Theatricals established the Scott Tod Emerging Director program in 2017. The honorarium based  internship involves one selected candidate being an assistant director for all of the shows in a given season with their experience culminating in a contract to  direct  a production for our Crayon Series in the spring.

Past Scott Tod Emerging Directors include:

2018/2019 - Melissa Dorsey

2017/2018 - Rebecca Fauser